Cat Care 101: Top Tips And Advice

Cat Care 101: Top Tips And Advice

No amount of articles can prepare you for raising your first cat! This is a wonderful and exciting experience that you may only have once in life. Make every moment count by having fun with your pet, feeding it delicious food, and keeping it active outside of the home. If this is your first cat, you'll be glad you took the time to read this article and get prepared.

Just like humans, cats need exercise to maintain proper health. Of course, you don't walk cats like you do dogs, and leaving a cat outdoors can shorten it's lifespan. For an indoor cat, play with it regularly to keep it in shape. Cats like batting and chasing games. Giving the cat something to climb is recommended as well.

Make sure to provide your cats with toys. Many people consider toys a need for dogs, but they do not feel the same about cats. Cats need stimulation throughout the day to remain healthy both mentally and physically. Toys can provide this. Keep your cats from boredom by remembering this tip.

If you are having a holiday party with lots of guests, make sure to ask your guests to leave their small dogs at home. Lots of noise can make a cat feel uncomfortable, but their discomfort will be increased dramatically once they notice that there is a dog inside the home.

Always make sure to use flea and tick medication on your cat. There are many different types of flea and tick medications that work really well. These types of medications help keep the parasites away. Use only products that are purpose-formulated for feline use in order to give your cat the protection it needs.

If you live in an apartment building with a porch, do not allow your cat on it unless they are enclosed. Cats have a warped sense of perception sometimes, and they may think they are closer to the ground than they are. If they jump, they may not be able to survive the fall.

While there is nothing wrong with using clumping cat litter for older felines, you should stick with sandy litter when dealing with kittens. The clumping litters are usually treated with all types of chemicals that may nto be safe for smaller cats. Once they are older, you should be able to make the switch with no issue.

If you want to put down a litter that your cat is attracted to, go for something without a scent. In addition, select a product that "clumps."? To further encourage him or her to use the litter box, make sure the area isn't dirty, and that the litter box is in translucent veiled chameleons .

Get a scratching post to keep your cat from tearing up your carpet. If you can, get a post that does not have the same type of carpet that is on the floor of your home, so your cat doesn't associate the two. Instead, get a post that is covered in cardboard, sisal, or thick rope.

Find a litter that your cat enjoys. Different litters have different smells and textures, so help your cat to find a litter that he is generally comfortable with using. Cats generally like to keep things the same though, so don't experiment too often or your cat may avoid the litter box.

If you choose to make your own cat food, make sure you are supplementing it properly. Cat food that is homemade often lacks in essential nutrients, such as taurine, amino acids, fats and carbohydrates. It is important to ensure you are balancing the food properly in order to keep your cat healthy. Look for a recipe online or discuss this with your veterinarian.

Make sure that you take your cat for regular vaccinations and check-ups. Getting medical care for your cat is essential for its' health. Your cat needs to stay up to date on all shots in order for it to be healthy and happy. Regular check-ups will make sure you can spot any health issues before they get out of control.

Find a litter that your cat enjoys. Different litters have different smells and textures, so help your cat to find a litter that he is generally comfortable with using. Cats generally like to keep things the same though, so don't experiment too often or your cat may avoid the litter box.

Be careful if you use a collar on a cat. Certain collars can cause a risk for strangling. The best cat collars are those that break away when stretched. If you put a collar on a kitten, make sure you check that it doesn't get too tight as the cat grows.

Many people don't realize they are allergic to cats until they get one. You should make sure you family will have no problems before you bring a cat home permanently. For example, long-haired cats are more likely to inspire a sneezing fit. Try a light colored female cat, or a Siberian cat.

Is your cat constantly munching on your house plants? If so there is a fix for this. Growing oat grass or catnip yourself can help entice your cats away from your plants. Giving them plants that they can eat and like will help draw them to those plants over and over again.

Cat trees are an excellent source of entertainment for your pet. However, a poorly constructed one could injure or even kill a cat. Look for one with a sturdy lumber base covered with scratch-friendly materials. Ensure that all sharp corners are covered, and confirm that there are no exposed pieces that might have splinters.

Never use medication on your cat that treats conditions that it does not possess. Many of those flea medications you put on your cat also treat for parasites, mites and other ailments that your cat does not have and cannot contract. These are great for street cats, however, they shouldn't be used on any indoor cats.

You can't go wrong by selecting a cat as your animal companion. They are smart, they generally don't require as much care as dogs and they can provide you with the affection that you are craving. However, remember that cats still require a number of things from their owner. Use the tips above to help you carve out a good life for your pet.


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