They could add a Red Tower to Clash Royale for the day against AIDS

They could add a Red Tower to Clash Royale for the day against AIDS

Clash Royale has been releasing some updates consistently over the past few months, and we already know that there are more to come in the month of December. Now we can add another detail due to a recent leak on the Clash of Clans spin-off game. Apparently, it is expected that soon there will be a reskin of the Torre del Rey in red. This letter comments that it could arrive during the next update of Clash Royale, although it should be noted that it would only be an aesthetic change and nothing more. Apparently, Supercell wants to commemorate the international day against AIDS, which is celebrated no less than December 1.It is worth mentioning then that players should expect no change in the mechanics of the game with the Tower of the Red King, as we have said would be a purely aesthetic change. Although at the moment it is a leak and could end up being just a rumor, chances are that it is true, since Supercell seems to like charity.It would be similar to what they already did in Clash of ClansDevelopers have already done something similar in previous years with their Clash of Clans game. In these cases, players could buy red gems, whose proceeds went directly to charity. The players obtained the red skin for the city hall in exchange for their donation. In this case, it seems that the concept is the same; But applied to the Supercell card game.Filtration is everywhere on the internet, so it is possible that Supercell will officially pronounce itself on the matter. Of course, they should not be long since World AIDS Day is December 1, as we have said; And the date is very, very close already. http://game-cheats.org/get-unlimited-gems-clash-royale In the past, Supercell had opened this type of commemoration for several days, for example from November 30 to December 8.


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