SpongeBob And Patrick Are The Greatest Cartoon Tandem Ever

SpongeBob And Patrick Are The Greatest Cartoon Tandem Ever

If you can consider the funniest companions in cartoons, who would that be? Will that be "Timon and Pumba", "Lilo and Sew", "Ren and Stimpy", and even that weird cartoon animal called "Catdog"? For me, properly, I'm not sure if a few of you'd agree to me with this one, but it is "SpongeBob and Patrick". They're so funny for being so dumb... especially Patrick (he is my favourite character truly). I'm not really a big fan of the show, however I do know a number of the episodes of "SpongeBob Squarepants", and they're really funny.

One episode that my buddy shared to me is the time when SpongeBob and Patrick noticed a baby clam and adopted it. She stated watching the 2 best friends performing like a mom and dad for the baby clam was hilarious. So I watched that episode cause I got interested by it. The episode was okay to me. But there have been scenes that made me laughed out loud. Like when SpongeBob and Patrick were feeding the baby clam, and the clam wouldn't eat the food. Then they noticed a worm and fed it to the baby clam. I laughed when the worm shouted "WE WILL BURY YOU!" before it was eaten by the baby clam.

I Googled for different episodes of SpongeBob because I want to see more of the two being a bunch of idiots in the show. I read some blogs that discuss the very best episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants and located one episode that they all have in common. The "I'm with Silly" episode which is about SpongeBob serving to his best buddy Patrick to look smart in entrance of Patrick's parents. Which means he must act silly in entrance of them to show that Patrick just isn't dumb (although for me both of them are dumb... effectively, Patrick would be the dumbest). The humorous part was in the long run when Patrick discovered that the individuals who visited him was actually not his parents. Speak about who's with stupid.

There's one other episode I can remember where I think SpongeBob is on the lookout for a place to stay. I am unable to bear in mind what happened to his pineapple house since I think I watched that three years ago. Anyway, in that episode, there was this scene the place SpongeBob was in Patrick's house, and they were sleeping. Patrick was dreaming and abruptly, Patrick was hammering SpongeBob using his house which is a rock. After that, he went back to sleep peacefully like nothing happened. There were different scenes that have been funny however I just cannot remember the whole details of some scenes.

They're the most effective buddies you'll find that are very entertaining for both youngsters and adults. I mean come on, it's on "Nickelodeon" channel which is a youngsters channel. However since there are humors in this show that adults may also respect, I imply they don't find it corny or boring, this show is now being watched by everyone. No marvel this show is so common even though it's just a cartoon.


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