The Use Of IGBT In Cutting And Plasma Welding

The Use Of IGBT In Cutting And Plasma Welding

new fastpitch softball batsThe definition of different conductive materials plasma cutting electricity (in particular metals such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper) is used in different sizes and the cutting width of a plasma jet. This plasma torch is hot enough to melt the material to be cut and moves quickly to the sharp blow of this section. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) employed in plasma cutting technology to improve the efficiency of cutting machines commercial plasma.

IGBT plasma cutter to fit better in professional environments such as industry, recovery and disposal, workshops manufacturing and welding, car repair and restoration. The main reason is, IGBT Plasma Cutter to take another way to start the pilot arc. A significant amount of IGBT plasma cutter metal often deploy Hochfrequenztechnik start and high voltage circuit for the startup process only if the burner can without touching the workpiece constant arc.

Vs IGBT MOSFET (MOSFET) should be uneasy subject, since IGBT technology was developed in the 1980 IGBT technology for welding applications have a much better fastpitch softball bat grip on the strict requirements, the cycles of high use welders, as a greater capacity to pressure and heat tolerance than previous agreements MOSFET.

Typical uses of Arc and pipe welders to build and repair infrastructure in industrial environments. Welding power supply is required for the creation of an arc between an electrode and the base material, to soften the metal in the welding point. Whether now or alternating current with a consumable electrode or not directly consumable, the arc can be generated, can be used. One type of inert or semi-inert gas is sometimes used to protect the weld area. investment and low operating costs are the main reasons for the popularity of a welding arc. At arc welding, the voltage is directly related to the length of the arc, and the current with the sum of the heat input with a typical current of 50 to 500 amperes is involved in the size of welding. For sheets with lower voltages and currents, soft switching PWM power converter with a DC-DC IGBT changes the side of the base of a high-frequency welding transformer that conforms to the topology of the feeding welding want. The power losses in the IGBT can be reduced by switching to soft volume reduction of 59% results in the application and a weight reduction of 47% compared to art, hard switching. Because of operation at 40 kHz, the progressive welding performance with hard switching compared with the 13 kHz increased.

Technical induction heating with high performance and the operating frequency required by the welding of pipes and resistant applications. To reduce switching losses, a circuit several IGBT inverters used with zero-current switching (ZCS). For that reason, the operating frequency can be easily increased up to 250 kHz that is suitable for fast cooling and arc welding.


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